Thursday, April 3, 2008

Transit solution: smaller roads beget smaller vehicles

I have ridden trains and subways in major cities most of my adult life. And now Metro/ST buses.

Mass transit can never be an optimal solution because it can never serve point-to-point, and it can never be timely. It always serves only a line, whereas, the surface of the earth is a plane. This is math literacy, isn't it?

I hate todays cars. But the ultimate solution will be more like a car, than mass transit.

Cities and states should impose a standard such as, your car must fit through a 5x5 foot goalpost to get on the road, and the max weight maybe 1000 pounds loaded. This allows a massive breakthru in lower cost vehicles, lower fuel and mainenance costs. Quieter vehicles with small hard wheels. Twice as many lanes on every street. Cheaper roads, tunnels and overpasses that look like pedestrian overpasses. The end of congestion. Tiny parking spaces, including automation of parking, automation of the roadways, greater safety. A 4x4 freight pallet rolls along nicely, through a 5x5 channel. Two people side by side. Several rows of seats. Or a cargo bay, the size of a twin- sized mattress.

Everybody in the transit business knows this. So do the auto industry. But they are a heavy political/industrial complex, just as bad as the telecomm industry, the banking industry, or the military sector. Small vehicles use LESS steel, LESS fuel, LESS repairs, LESS highway dollars, LESS of everything. and MORE political enemies. get it? You end up re-examining capitalism itself.

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