Monday, April 14, 2008

Mid-april, busy times in Seattle

The Dalai Lama came to Seattle this week. The buses I rode this weekend were crowded with people going to the local corporate baseball stadium, Qwest Field for a mass swarming. These people's clothing, makeup, and behaviors were distinctly mega-church.

Well, Americans job is not to change the behavior of the Chinese government in Tibet. Americans' job is to restrain our own government's wars and aggressions, by getting out of Iraq, Afghanistan, and other occupied lands.

The Green Festival also came to Seattle this week. Heaving crowds filled the Convention Center, hundreds of vendor booths, and something over fifty speeches and presentations. There was actually some talk about war and militarism. Some of the speakers put in some words. John Perkins, Amy Goodman, David Korten...

I went there to videotape the talks but the Green Festival people had already decided on some sort of exclusive arrangement, and were not allowing filming. I stuck with the 2 minute rule half the day, Saturday then saw Ed Mays shooting entire talks by Perkins, Thom Hartman, etc. so I shot a few, too. David Korten for example spoke to a packed hall of 300 people. These 4 breakout rooms didn't even have *any* cameras running. To me that is a crime against the commons, for the Festival to ban cameras and then not even film it themselves. (They announced, they would distribute audio thru their website, which is good.).

Want to find the cause of the war in Iraq? And how the power elite controls our lives? Look in your wallet. Take everything out of your wallet and burn it. Or stay on the plantation. Simple as that. The dollar economy is a monolithic thing. You have to become dead weight --a drag on the dollar system, a system out of control that no longer serves humanity.

Today thru Wednesday is the unmoney convergence conference in Seattle, which addresses this in a more concrete way. Alternatives to the legal tender, as Tom Greco describes it.

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