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Recommended reading on Causes of War

Dennis and Joey,

I appreciate your comments that war starts from greed and
spiritual ignorance. However, there are triggering factors
as well as the "pre existing conditions".

Most problems in engineering as well as politics, are overcome
by overcoming triggering or precipitating factors...for example
air travel is intrinsically unsafe. But civil aviation has
relentlessly fixed one flaw after another making air travel
safe enough. Gasoline is intrinsically flammable almost explosive.
Yet it's used .. Electricity, natural gas, we use right inside our homes.
Giant bridges, skyscrapers... you name it. All unsafe, made safe.

There is just as much greed and ignorance in countries not involved
in wars, as those involved in wars. SO: the burden of proof is
upon the spiritual theorist, to either establish that these countries
who are spared from wars, are more spiritually advanced, as
well as that this spiritual advancment is the critical thing sparing
them from wars. I think your hypothesis will not pass inspection.

The differentiating factor between warring and peaceful societies
is that the warring countries have allowed warmaking people
to get entrenched and build a base of power.
Responsible adults
in each country must drive out the warmakers from positions of
power, for our own survival. There is not time for the uplifting
and spiritual perfection of the masses. The nuclear weapons
are already piled up. The wars are already happening. In fact,
you spiritualist people are being protected from incineration
only by those of us who are struggling in the economic and
political arena, to curb the war makers. Because the time is now,
and the weapons are piled up, right here in Bangor WA.

I see great potential for the abolishment of war, because
war and cataclysm are so dangerous that abolishing war is
consistent with the greed and materialism of powerholders.

War has *always* been adverse to the ordinary population and
yet, those populations have *never* yet abolished war.
In this century, powerholders will abolish war, long before there
is economic justice let alone spiritual advancement. In fact,
economic injustice has been exacerbated by the series of
political structures that has intermediated in political and
economic conflicts since WW2, and that is the very reason
we still have wars everywhere except the nuclear states.




At 05:51 AM 4/8/2007, jbkranger wrote:
Greed and ignorance are the root causes of war. The corptocracty,
greedy as it is, could not exist without the greed of individual
consumers. We are ALL the cause of war. I recommed Thich Nhat Hahn's
book "Peace is Every Step" for more on this opinion.

Chapter 89

--- In vfptalk@yahoogroups.com, Todd Boyle wrote:
> Putting a stop to war requires that you have some theory
> of what is causing or triggering wars. Our opponents
> work hard promoting theories of action which cannot stop
> wars.
> Since 2003 the WAR in IRAQ has been blamed on Bush
> and the Neocons, the Republicans, the Democrats, the oil industry,
> global corporatocracy, the standing army, the military industrial
> complex, the Zionists, the Christian fundamentalists,
> the global banking cabal, and we the people--for all kinds of
> character flaws and spiritual failings.
> I'll just tell you, US aggressions are caused by a very small number
> of really rotten SOBs in positions of power. But they cannot be
> easily stopped without changing the story in the pulpit, in the
> media, and in the schools.
> But Wikipedia has a pretty good article on these causes.
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Causes_of_war PLEASE READ IT.
> # 2 Factors leading to war
> * 2.1 Historical theories
> * 2.2 Psychological theories
> * 2.3 Anthropological theories
> * 2.4 Sociological theories
> * 2.5 Demographic theories
> * 2.6 Evolutionary psychology theories
> * 2.7 Rationalist theories
> o 2.7.1 Peace War Game
> * 2.8 Economic theories
> * 2.9 Marxist theories
> * 2.10 Political science theories
> Each of us must develop within us, a firm idea of the cause of
> recurring US attacks on other countries. Without this vision you
> cannot maintain a fervor or steadiness of action.
> The VFP mission is stopping wars.
> http://www.veteransforpeace.org/our_mission.vp.html This is a
> VFP mailing list. I say: the mission statement is too abstract.
> It is really pretty lame.
> (a) Toward increasing public awareness of the costs of war.
> (b) To restrain our government from intervening, overtly and
> covertly, in the internal affairs of other nations
> (c) To end the arms race and to reduce and eventually eliminate
> nuclear weapons
> (d) To seek justice for veterans and victims of war
> (e) To abolish war as an instrument of national policy.
> Wikipedia is doing more to increase public awareness of
> the causes of war than the VFP. When does the VFP
> focus on the causes of war instead of "restraining our government"
> (which never works.) At that point, you're way past the power
> Todd Boyle toddboyle@... (425) 827-3107
> http://www.rosehill.net/ diagram of the military industrial complex

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try religion. add greed

and than you have some real war

the stats have stated for years.

WAR starts with religion....

the idea that it has anything to with oil and money,

well guess who says that is ok

the God's

need the stats, let me know, I will send them along


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