Tuesday, February 13, 2007

WA Impeach calls Democratic Party "pathetic"

The WA State Impeachment campaign's next event is tomorrow in Olympia.

Linda Boyd has been in direct contact with several Democrats in Congress, and says the response has been appalling and "PATHETIC". Each of them says the same thing: They don't want to impeach, because it is a distraction, they don't have enough evidence, the investigations have not started, etc. TRUST US, they say. WE'RE WORKING ON IT, they say.... But they're not! Nothing is in the works, says Linda. Democrats are working on their legislation, not the investigations.

I've heard one of the Democratic MC's called Eric Oemig and chewed his ass for submitting an Impeachment bill in the WA Senate, telling him that his sponsorship of the Impeachment will not succeed, will hurt his career, will hurt Democrat's agenda, etc.

Over on HorsesAss blog, http://www.horsesass.org/?p=2529 Toby Nixon is exploiting the opening, exploiting the nation's pain, to advance his political fortunes--- I guess Toby is fine with the torture, the PATRIOT act, the Wiretaps, the war in Iraq, the signing statements.

Linda says the Congressional Democrats seem to be working off a script--saying the same thing. Have the Democrats finally developed the fabled thinktanks, the fabled Democratic strategy for success, to compete with Karl Rove? Or are they just adopting HIS scripts?

We had a great chat, Linda said that when she told Rep. Jay INSLEE (D-WA) last year they'd collected 10,000 signatures for impeachment, his eyes bugged out and he said "We have to talk, after the elections" -- and not to rock the boat during 2006.. TRUST US, first, we have to win the election. Then we will investigate.

I attended Jay's town hall meetings in 2006 and heard him say the same thing. Well, Jay, its time to IMPEACH.

When will Congress stop this president from robbing us, morally as well as financially?

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